Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween (Robot Costume)

It's Halloween and it's also my birthday! Happy Birthday to me!

Anyway, I found this drawing in my sketchbook but I don't remember when I drew it. In fact, I'm pretty sure I drew it in pencil and my wife inked it.

The drawing is of a Halloween costume I made 8 years ago. I wore it one night to a party at Alex Ross's house. Below is a picture of the actual costume. The autograph on this photo is from Rich Koz (A.K.A. Son of Svengoolie) who is the guy in the middle dressed as the Penguin. The guy the left is my buddy Chris Turek dressed as a Kanamit (From the Twilight Zone Episode "To Serve Man").

Have a safe and happy Halloween!!


Chris said...

Between Sven and myself there is enough white makeup to complete my costume. I should have grabbed it by the horns and put on the full white makeup. Great night, better picture!

Scott said...

Wow! My first real comment! Thanks Chris.

It was a good time. Especially when I challenged that guy dressed as a pile of grapes to a wrestling match. Then tossed my costume into Alex Ross's trash.