Wednesday, December 14, 2011

More Single-Panel Homework

More single-panel comics based on homework from Ivan Brunetti's Cartooning book. Nothing fancy here. The homework was to just draw three single-panel comics (the third one is done, but I'm going to hold it until Monday).

Am I happy with these? Meh. They're OK.

I did them both over Thanksgiving weekend. This top one came from all the retro television I watched while were staying at my in-laws house in St. Louis. It's a bit dark for my taste. I mean, I generally a much more upbeat person than this.

This second one is based on something that actually happened to my wife while I was drawing the first comic(Quick disclaimer: This is NOT what my wife looks like. I just need to say that to avoid the "That's what you think I look like?" conversation). We were in a coffee house near my in-laws place and the woman next to us asked my wife if she could borrow her computer's power cord. She had the same type of computer, but it turns out a much, much newer model. The look of revulsion on the woman's face was priceless. And a little terrifying.

Anyway, these are both pretty rough, and if I really liked these, I might actually re-draw them. It was good practice, none the less.

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