Monday, January 23, 2012

Sketchbook: Two dudes, a girl and (part of) a mummy

I figured I'd post a couple pages from my sketchbook just to get me back in the swing of posting.

As usual, these are drawn from photos that I've found in magazines. The guy sitting is from a Psychology Today I found in the break room at work, the other dude and the woman are from an article in the Chicago Reader, and the mummy is from a National Geographic article about ancient cliff-dwelling cultures in Peru.

These were all done with a Micron pen except for the mummy was was done with a brush pen. Also, the mummy is barely half finished.

Anyway, I like to keep an eye out for pictures that show the entire figure. Most of the time, magazine and newspaper photos only show the head and shoulders. When I do find a complete human figure, I add it to my file.

I drew the mummy because drawing skulls is fun and also a good lesson in anatomy.

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