Thursday, June 21, 2012


The road to CAKE has been traveled and I have returned from my hero-journey a changed man.

Joseph Campbell-inspired ramblings aside, CAKE is over. It was a great experience. It wasn't always what I expected it to be, but it was fantastic none-the-less.

First off, I have to thank the organizers and volunteer staff. This was my first show and organizers did a great job of making me feel welcome. As a newbie, I never felt lost or confused.

The best aspect of anything like this is of course, the people. Seriously, I know I sound trite but there were a handful of people who made this totally worth the cost of admission (meaning the cost of the table and printing). I've heard and read it more times than I care to say, but making comics is a lonely business. Especially when, like me, you hardly know any people who make comics. To be in a big room that is full of makers just like you is a sublime experience.

So without further ado... here is a LINK DUMP!! (In no particular order).

My neighbors at the show, Shane O'Shaughnessy and Julia Barr (sorry can't seem to find a link to her stuff) were very cool people. You can find Shane's book, Spuds Malone, Private Eye here. Shane and Julia's superhero erotica, GLAM BANG POW is available.... somewhere....

My other neighbor, Joel "Crave" Maxine, Jr, was another great person who I really enjoyed spending two days with.

Eric Taylor was not actually tabling at CAKE, which is really too bad. He knows a thing or two about comics and gave me a phrase that has been in my head since he uttered it on Sunday: "Can't draw? Just rock-star it." (Sorry, that's a bit of a paraphrase and also way out of context).

Roxy Drew, two tables down, had a cool book about a mutant dog called Futur Dog.

Emi Gennis gave me her comic about the Collyer Brothers that was really great.

Reid Psaltis can draw crows way better than I can.

It was also great catching up with my old friend Olivia Arrow who hung out my table a bunch on Saturday.

I'm sure I've forgotten someone. With so many great comics artists around, that's easy to do.

I didn't take many pictures, but here are a couple:

To my left:

 To my right:

My table again:

My wife brought the kids down on Sunday, which was a nice Father's Day treat

Also, I sold  bunch of books. And people seemed actually like them! (I forgot to mention I printed a book of comics? Stay tuned, more on that later.)

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