Thursday, July 12, 2012

What's Next?

So now that I don't have CAKE hanging over me, I have to decide what my next goal is. I had apparently been thinking about this before the expo, because I recently found a note that I written to myself.

I don't actually remember writing this note, but it is written in my nigh-illegible writing style. Plus, it's all things I've been thinking about.

Maybe it's a note sent through time by my future self trying to influence my past (present) self on his (my) next steps.

Anyway, the first thing on the list is "Clean Rapidiographs[sic]" which I have done! It looked like this:

Messy business, that was.

Here's the story on these awesome pens. My old upstairs neighbor was an architect who had to buy a set of these when she was in architect's school.

Here's the thing though, architects have these things called computers now. I know I'm probably disappointing lots of people who still picture architects sitting over massive drafting tables using pens and compasses, but most of that type of work is digital now. Point is, these poor, insanely expensive pens sat in her storage space, unused. I somehow convinced her to loan them to me shortly before she moved out of the state.

Of course, part of the deal was that I had to clean them. Which I have. Thank you, Tracy.

The second thing on my list is "figure drawings". I think this is in reference to an idea I had to do 50 figure drawings in 50 days so that I could learn to actually draw people in a reasonably realistic way.

Hmmm.... I may still do this. I'm not sure anyone whould want to see me do it.

The last item is "Phantom Kangaroo" which is a comic that I've been working on. I guess I was reminding myself to finish it. Those of that have a copy of King Crow Comics #1 have already read the first three pages. For the rest of you, I will start posting pages here for you starting tomorrow! In the meantime, here is a one-panel preview:

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