Friday, August 3, 2012

Sci-Fi Team Up (Explained)

Sorry, no Phantom Kangaroo today. Page 4 is still on my drawing board. I did however contribute to the Challenger's Assemble blog today.

The Theme was Unlikely Team-Ups. Here is my contribution:

I feel like I should explain this one a bit. Both comics are published by Image Comics.

Planetoid is about a mercenary (Silas) who crash-lands on a planet where he must fight for survival against evil robots.

Debris is about a young woman(Maya) who lives on a post-apocalyptic earth, which happens to be ruled by.... you guessed it... evil robots.

Seems like a perfect team-up to me!

The similarities don't end there. In their first issues they both:
-Fight giant snake robots
-wield impossibly powerful firearms
-wear ponchos

These two comics are the Weeds/ Breaking Bad of the comic world.

Don't get me wrong, so far I think they're both great books. I just think some of these similarities are uncanny.

If you want to see more there is a preview of Planetoid here and preview of Debris here.

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