Friday, July 22, 2011

Who I Am, What This Is, and Why You Should Care

My name is Scott Kroll and I'm an aspiring cartoonist. I have been into art most of my life and have recently decided to get serious about making more of it.

I'm a little intimidated by this since I have very little formal training. I've been an obsessive doodler most of my life so I have some skills. However, I need to sharpen my art skills so that my comics will at least look like something.

I do have some experience in writing since that was my major in college. I'm not using that degree in my work situation, really. I'd rather not spend the time explaining my job to you, so let's just say I work in law, with computers.

I'm a big believer that you learn by doing and that the doing part is the most important. I've been trying to draw everyday even if it's just a doodle.

I decided to start this blog for several reasons.

First, I'd like feedback. Something like, "You are an artistic genius and I'm giving you money." Realistically, the feedback will probably be more like, "You suck and visiting this blog was a waste of time." Either way, please leave comments. I'll appreciate them, good or bad.

I also hope that I can use this blog to get more involved in the comic-creating community at large. In other aspects of my life, I've learned a lot from friends who know more than me. I don't know many comic creators, but I'd like to.

Going along with learning by doing, I hope that I can learn more about web design. This blog is pretty plain right now, so I hope to learn how to Fancy it up (I've also registered a domain name!)

So if you enjoy comics, enjoy watching someone make stupid mistakes, or enjoy watching someone struggle through learning hard things, please take this blog and stick it in the blog-reader of your choice.

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