Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Clare!

Today is my wife's birthday! To celebrate I decided to do a "collaborative" post of sorts.

When Clare and I first met, we bonded over drawing comics. I'd dabbled in them for fun since I was a kid, but she had actually sold comics to her college newspaper (the illustrious Mizzou Man Eater).

These two comics came from a bet we had over the WBEZ traffic reporter (Who at the time was the enigmatic Abby Ryan). We had been talking about how it seemed like she was on the air all the time, but neither of us could remember her name. We both took our best guesses at her name and agreed that whoever was wrong had to draw a comic for the other.

As it turns out, we were both wrong so we both had to draw a comic for the other.

Clare's is first (click to make bigger):

The one below is mine (And, yes, I know I can't spell so save it):

Mine was based on the fact that I would set my alarm clock to wake me up to WBEZ and I would frequently have dreams that people I knew were telling me about the traffic conditions.

This is also one of the only self-portraits that I have of myself (sans glasses at that!).

These were both drawn before we started dating. Now we've been married almost four years and have two kids, so I guess comics are a great way to start a relationship.


Anonymous said...

I was bored at work today, and found your comic in a google image search. I LOVE your bet; that's awesome!

PS, congrats on your relationship and your marriage!

Have a great day!

Abby Ryan

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Happy Belated birthday to Clare! :)

~ AR

Scott said...

Wow! I can't believe Abby Ryan found my Blog!

Thanks for the comments and thanks for being an inspiration!!

Anonymous said...

You're welcome! :0)