Friday, November 11, 2011

Monday, Friday, whatever.

I'm always conflicted when I post late as to whether I should address my lateness or just ignore it. No one likes reading blog posts that basically say, "OMG! I'm so busy right now. Too busy to even write these words!!!" Then again, if I don't say anything, you might think that I've gotten lazy and abandoned this blog. Then you take me out of your RSS reader and never come back.

Also, I have this urge to make sure everyone knows that I'm not lazy. God forbid. No, I'm working harder than ever. Unfortunately, I've had some projects siphon away my drawing time.

First, there was this:

That's my 11 year-old son in his Master Chief costume that I made with my own hands!! I'm morally opposed to store-bought Halloween costumes. While this may show that I have craft-based integrity, it also means that I end up committing to outrageous projects that take waaaaaay too long. Goodbye pencils and paper, Hello craft foam and glue gun. For two long weeks. Seriously.

Not long after Halloween, we received an offer to buy our condo. We've been trying to sell our condo for nearly two years. For those of you that are not involved in the buying or selling of a home right now, here is my depiction of what the real estate market is like at this point:

(Burning and sinking, I know!)

So yeah, it's a miracle that we sold our place and I'm happy about it. However, this means there is a lot of work ahead with packing and shit.

Anyway, enough bitching and moaning. There are a few things I want to plug.

First off, Sarah Becan has a Kickstarter going. You should give her money.

You should also give these people Money:Rave Archive. You can go to their site and listen to mix tapes from the 90s for HOURS.

Also, I just started reading Sailor Twain. Totally awesome.


Chris said...

Exciting news! So does the mad dash for a home now begin? Good luck with that!

Scott said...

Err, no, unfortunately we're losing so much money that we're going to have to go back to renting.

At least we got out while we still can!