Friday, May 4, 2012

Onward to CAKE!! (Part 3)

I just finished the class I was teaching this term (I teach at a local paralegal program) and I don't have to teach another class until October. This will free up time to work on my comics for CAKE. Boy, do I need it.

I have been working, no worries. In fact, I'm almost finished with a new Bone Dog page. A friend of mine generously upgraded the RAM on my computer for me, and I just got it back. That means I can scan some art. I have a couple pages I've been holding back and I not really sure why. I decide a while ago that I should post them, but my aforementioned computer was away getting its innards fixed. Expect to see those pages soon.

Also, here is my new ghetto-ass light box:

Old record bin +  Ikea light + sheet of plexiglass = awesome light box!

CAKE is only a month and a half away. Better get to it. Here is another cake, this time for my youngest son's recent 1st birthday. Don't forget to like CAKE on Facebook, you bums!!

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Wayne Allen Sallee said...

That is a very cool light box, man.